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Sharon Springs Fire Department

Fire Chief 1511 Greg Baxter

137 Beechwood Rd Sharon Springs, NY 13459
Phone: 518 284 2491, Fax: 518 284 2491
E-Mail Fire Dept: Chief Baxter -

The S.S.F.D. was established in 1886. Currently, we have 66 active members between the fire department, fire police, rescue squad, and the auxiliary. We are located at 137 Beechwood Road in Sharon Springs. We cover the entire Town of Sharon and a portion of the Town of Seward - approximately 40 square miles.

Call Log For 2008

70 Fire
134 EMS
185 Total for 2008
Last Updated 9-19-08

A firefighter doesn't want to die, in fact, a firefighter does everything they can to improve their chances of making it home after the fire... everything except run away.