Schoharie County

How Do I Use This Site

County Home

  • This site is the official site for Schoharie County and its incorporated Towns and Villages.
  • Each municipality's home page is organized similarly to the county's.
  • Clicking a button on the left part of the page will take you to the respective municipality
Note: In order for all features of this site to function, your browser must accept cookies and must allow popups from "".


  • There are two different searches.
    • The search on the left searches only regular web pages
    • Document Search searches official documents posted by municipalities such as board minutes and zoning regulations
  • Searching defaults to the current municipality.
  • Searching multiple municipalities can be done by holding the Ctrl key down on the listbox under search and clicking the mouse on the desired municipalities.

Public Announcements and Meeting Notices

  • Are posted by the respective municipalities
  • Will no longer appear after a date set by the municipality entering or the event has passed
  • You can sign up to receive email notification for these as well as job announcements

Further Assistance and Suggestions