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There are dozens of area agencies that provide care and services to children and teens. We support these youth-serving agencies with funding, coordination, technical assistance, training and planning. In addition, we strongly support advocacy at the state and local levels.

The Bureau is a branch of County Government, responsible to the Board of Supervisors and funded in part by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.


The Schoharie County Youth Bureau administers NYS Office of Children and Family Services - Office of Youth Development Prevention Funds.

Programs currently receiving Youth Development Funds include: Local Youth Commissions/Rec Programs, Schoharie County Community Action Programs Mentoring Program, Youth Bureau Administration costs and the Youth As Leaders Program.

The Schoharie County Youth Bureau also receives funding for youth services through County Government. This funding is allocated to Local Youth Programs.

All programs operate annually on a January through December calendar.


To be eligible for Youth Bureau funding, organizations must be a not-for-profit agency under the laws of the State of New York and have tax exempt status in accordance with the Federal Internal Revenue Service Code.

All applications for funding must be approved by the Youth Bureau, Youth Bureau Advisory Board, the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors and New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

Youth Bureau Request For Proposals


Determining the effectiveness of contracted services through monitoring and evaluation is a key responsibility of the Youth Bureau. The Youth Bureau's Integrated Child & Family Services Plan (ICP), which is a three year plan of service provision written by the Schoharie County Youth Bureau, Department of Social Services and the Probation in collaboration with not-for-profits, youth, community, and county agencies, identifies youth program assets and needs in the county. In addition, strategies to address each need are identified. The ICP is then implemented through continued networking with these same groups. Within the three years the plan is update twice to include new services, show progress and to enter data measurements. It is only with that plan in place that funds become available to Schoharie County for New York State Office of Children and Family Services.


We assess youth needs by convening community planning groups, identifying problems and developing coordinated strategies to address them. We promote private and public partnerships in planning, bringing together towns, villages, social agencies and private citizens. We support the local diversion system for youth identified as Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) and Juvenile Delinquents (JD).


Due to the networking involved in the development of the Integrated Child & Family Services Plan the tentacles of the Youth Bureau reach out to many oversight agencies lending many opportunities to understand the process of program creation. The Youth Bureau is equipped to offer programmatic creation assistance or the resources to direct organizations to the appropriate information.