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A. Legislative intent:

Schoharie County has implemented an enhanced 911-telephone system whereby an individual will be able to dial 911 in the event of an emergency. The intent and purpose of this local law is to assist in rapid recognition by 911 personnel of the location of a residence and/or business in an emergency and for the purpose of assigning city-style numbering as well as road or street names to all developed properties in the town/villages as well as for future developed properties in these areas.

B. Legislative findings:

The Schoharie County Board of Supervisors hereby determines that it is in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the county to adopt and implement a uniform system of road/street names and building numbers in the county to assist and facilitate the provision of emergency services to the residents of the county.

. Assignment of numbers: review of determination:

Schoharie County 911 Addressing unit shall be authorized to decide which building or buildings on any particular lot shall be numbered. The 911 Addressing unit shall designate separate numbers for buildings which have no designated number, and it shall also have the authority to re-designate numbers for buildings when deemed necessary.

Schoharie County 911 Addressing adopted the National Emergency Numbering Association (NENA) numbering standards in order to implement the uniform building numbering system. These standards require all roads/streets to be numbered South to North and West to East. Generally, all odd numbers shall be used on the left and even numbers on the right. There are certain situations it may be necessary to reverse the direction.

In spacing the numbering, a number will be assigned every 53 feet on each side of a road. In a Village it may be necessary to use a 26-foot increment.

D. New Construction:

Prior to the issuance of any building permit for new construction within towns or villages, the 911 Addressing unit shall assign a number to each structure for such permit.

E. Road/Street name: system of road/street naming:

Said Town/village shall accept no new street or road until such road/street shall be identified and designated by name. The new road/street shall not be identical to nor bear any similarity to or conflict with the names of any existing road/street within a Zip Code or Emergency Service Zone, and shall avoid names which indicate a direction.

Changes to existing road/street names and new roads/streets will be in adherence to the principles enumerated in this local law and initiated and adopted by the Town Board.

Adoption of a road/street name or its inclusion in the official road/street naming and structure numbering map index or the subsequent posting of any public sign does not commit to the Town/Village to maintain a private road.

All proposed road/street name changes or additions shall be reviewed by the Town/Village Board and sent to the Schoharie County 911 Addressing unit for review and comment. The county will have 15 days to comment on the proposed changes or additions. The Town/Village Board will then adopt the new road/street name.

In addition to other requirements of this local law, road/streets will be named in compliance with the Untied States Postal Service addressing guidelines.

Town/Village road/street signs will be purchased by Schoharie County 911,installed by either County, Town, or Village Highway and maintained by the appropriate municipality.

F. Compliance: display: standards and specifications

It shall be the duty of every owner and/or every occupant/tenant of a building to cause to be displayed thereon the address number of said building in conformity to this local law, as well as to maintain such number in compliance with the provisions of this local Law.

All properties or parcels of land within the town shall hereafter be identified for road/street location purposes by reference to the uniform numbering system adopted herein. All existing numbers of property and buildings not now in conformity with the provisions of this local law shall be changed to conform to the system herein adopted within three months after the adoption of this local law, or 30 days after receiving the new 911 address.

Each principal building shall bear the number assigned to the street/road frontage on which the front entrance is located. In case a principal building is occupied by more than one business or family dwelling unit, the entrance to each separate entity in said principal building shall bear a separate number in accordance with this local law.

Numerals indicating the official numbers for each principal building or for each separate entrance, as specified above, shall be posted in a manner as to be visible from the road/street on which the property is located. Whenever any building is situated more than 50 feet from the edge of the street or road serving the building, the number shall, in addition to the other requirements of this local law, be displayed on a post or other structure clearly visible from the road/street and stationed on the same side of the road/street as the building or premises for which it is intended. Said post, gate, fence or other appropriate place shall be at least four feet in height and not exceed eight feet in height and shall be displayed in a prominent and conspicuous place in such manner as to be plainly legible and visible from the center of the road/street and easily discernible when traveling in either direction on the road/street so as to show clearly, if not otherwise evident, which is the driveway for the property. The numbers shall not be less than four inches in height and shall be made of a durable and clearly visible reflective material. The color of said numbers shall be in sharp contrast to the color of their background, and these conditions shall apply both to the numerals placed upon the building as well as numerals placed on any post, mailbox, gate, fence, etc.

Whenever practicable, said number shall be placed near some light or source of illumination so that it may be readily seen at night.

In the event that more than one building has access from a single driveway, an address number of each building must be displayed at each location at which the driveway access diverges from the common access.

Display of any number other than the number authorized or assigned by 911 Addressing under this local law is expressly prohibited.

The official numerals shall be placed on buildings by the owner or agent within 30 days after notice to the owner or agent of the number assigned.

The official numerals shall be placed in the immediate vicinity of the entranceway to the building and shall be placed not less than four feet from the bottom of the entranceway door nor more than eight feet from the bottom of said entranceway door using a color to be in sharp contrast to the color of the background with said numerals being made of durable, clearly visible reflective material at least four inches in height and a minimum of one inch in width, using block numbering and lettering where appropriate.

G. Private Roads:

Private road signs will be purchased by Schoharie County 911,installed by either County, Town, or Village Highway Department and maintained by the property owner or owners on said roads. Newly created private roads must have a road name approved by the Town or Village Board in consultation with 911 Addressing prior to subdivision approval.

H. Noncompliance: notice: remedy: costs:

Each Town or Village shall provide a noncompliance, notice, remedy, and cost section within their Local Law.