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concerning 9-1-1 address changing issues.

1. How long will the postal service deliver mail to my old address?

The post office will deliver mail sent to your old address for one year from the date of change, but you should start using your new address immediately.

2. Do I still use the words RD, HCR, and RR with my new address?

No. Discontinue using the RD, HCR, and RR. The address number and street/road name are to be used exactly as printed on the notification letter you will receive in the mail.

3. How do I notify others of my new address?

Fill out the change of address information section that is provided on bills, utility company correspondence, credit cards and other mailings.

4. What happens to my Post Office Box?

Nothing, if you currently receive your mail through a Post Office, you will continue to use the Postal Box number as your mailing address. The address that appears on the notification letter will be your delivery address (UPS, Utility Companies, etc.) and your address for Emergency Services Providers (Fire, Medical, and Police).

5. Do I need to notify the department of Motor Vehicles?

Yes, you must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of your address change by using DMV Form 232. This form will change both your license and your registration. DMV does not require you to replace your license when your address changes, you can write your new address on the back of your license in the space provided.

6. I am the first house on the road, why is my address #112?

Addressing is calculated by starting at an intersection with 100 and computing an address every 53 feet, addressing south to north, west to east.

7. Do I need to change my deed?

Not at this time, your deed will be changed when it is modified or transferred.

8. What if I rent my property, who will notify my tenants of the address change?

You do. It is the landlord's responsibility to inform each tenant of his or her new address.

9. Why does my private road need to be named?

When a road has two or more residents and/or potential for future development, 911 Addressing requested municipalities name the road. This way, when you call for emergency responders, they will have a road name to assist them. All these roads/streets will be signed.

10. With my new address, does my Post Office and zip code change?

No, only road/street name and house number may change. Your Post Office, Town/Village and zip code will remain the same.