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Early Intervention Program
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To identify and evaluate as early as possible those infants and toddlers whose healthy development is compromised and provide for appropriate intervention to improve child and family development.
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Young Children Learn and Develop Differently. Early Intervention is a family-centered and community-based program. We support parents in meeting their responsibilities to nurture and enhance their children's development. We encourage opportunities for full participation of children with disabilities in their communities by ensuring services are delivered in natural environments to the maximum extent appropriately.

Any child under the age of three that has a disability or developmental delay may be eligible for services through the Early Intervention Program.

If your doctor or someone you know has concerns that your child may have a developmental delay or disability you can be referred to the Schoharie County Early Intervention Program.

Your family will be assigned a service coordinator. This person will help you understand the program and talk about your concerns for your child. He/she will assist you in getting an evaluation scheduled. The evaluation will help you identify your child's strengths and needs. It will also determine your child's strengths and needs. It will also determine your child's eligibility for the program. If your child is eligible for the program an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be created. The IFSP will help your family identify their concerns, priorities and resources. It will assist you in getting the services to help meet your child's needs.

Contact the Early Intervention Program at (518) 295-8705.