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Dear Researchers:

The Records Management Office was formerly located on the lower level of the County Office Building and receives many requests for genealogical information.

The County Clerk and Records Management Offices hold various records used for research, among them census records, deeds, and mortgages. Unless you know he town in which the ancestor you are searching was born, it is difficult to search the correct census. Deed and mortgage records begin with 1795 and are sometimes useful in determining the town of origin, but not all people were property owners nor can we be sure they were actually born in the town where they owned property , so this theory does not always work.

Birth, death and marriage records are held by the town clerks. It would be necessary to know where the event occurred to find the record you are searching. Attached is a list of town clerks/registrars who are the holders of these records. (Genealogy Assistance)

The State Bureau of Vital Records in Albany has birth records that begin in 1881. Before this date, it was the responsibility of the physician to record the birth. Church records can be helpful. See the list entitled "Genealogy Assistance" for possible sources of birth and library resources. We have also attached a records information leaflet published by the State Archives and Records Administration regarding family history research.

We hope this helps in your search for roots. If you would like our office to conduct a search, the fee is $5.00 per name, plus an additional $.50 per copy of any records you request and we are able to reproduce for you. The Census records are particularly hard to reproduce. In the event we cannot copy this record, we will issue a "Certificate of Census Record" at the cost of a photocopy. You may make you check payable to "Schoharie County Clerk" and address your request to Records Management at the above address.

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