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  • Who is eligible to be an election inspector? An individual who is a registered voter, a resident of Schoharie County and enrolled with either the Democratic or Republican Party.
  • When are you needed? Just a few days a year: Primary Day in September (if a primary is warranted) and Election Day in November.
  • What tasks will you perform as an election inspector?

  • Prepare the polling site for voting.
  • Set up the voting equipment.
  • Process the voters.
  • Demonstrate voting procedures to the voters.
  • Close the polling site.
  • Canvass and report the results.
  • Assist voter if requested by the voter.
  • Are you interested? Please call the Board of Elections at (518) 295-8326 or 295-8388, or print application and mail in or fax to (518) 295-8419.

You would be compensated for any training needed to become an election inspector and for working the election.

  • Inspectors are paid $25.00, plus mileage for attending training.
  • Inspectors are paid $150.00 for serving at the General Election, and $125.00 for working at a Primary Election.